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It's our responsibility and our pleasure.

The importance of investing in local communities cannot be overstated. The community is the nucleus for social and economic growth, and when people choose to invest in the community, it creates a vibrant sense of hope and it initiates the cycle of giving. With this in mind, all of us at Chicago Pet Friendly Real Estate have chosen to give back in a significant way. We donate a portion of earnings from sales or purchases of homes to the charity of our client’s choosing.

Our commitment to charity

All of the agents at Chicago Pet Friendly Real Estate have agreed to donate 10% of their earnings from every closed sale to the charity of their client’s choice. All our realtors not only care about locating the perfect home for all of their clients, but also care about the community.

We also have a growing list of our real estate partners who should give a portion to charity as well. Currently we have a selection of mortgage lenders and real estate attorneys, but plan to expand in the future to include: interior designers, architects, general contractors, insurance agents, and more. By using one of our real estate partners you’ll be able to donate to your charity of choice multiple times.

Here are some examples of charities which have benefitted from our giving program

Chicago Pet Friendly Real Estate, our agents and our partners are all excited about our commitment to giving back. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in finding the perfect home and donating to your charity of choice.